We dream of an evolved coffee world

Since 1927

An Italian story that every day reaches the cups of coffelovers in the world, through blends and special single-origin coffees enjoyed in bars, pastry shops, hotels and restaurants, up to their homes.

It was 1927 when Romeo Dubbini founded the Diemme Industria Caffè Torrefatti in Padua. Today the grandchildren Giannandrea, in the role of President, and his brother Federico Dubbini, who took over from their father Giulio in 1997, lead the company. Diemme has based its growth on the passion for the coffee world and on continuous research, up to spreading the pleasure of high quality coffee in over 40 countries around the world.

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We want to create coffee culture. An evolved culture, made of the best cultivated coffees and the right tools to work them. Coffee time becomes an experience to live with quality and a conscious attitude.


Diemme  guides both professionals and coffelovers towards a thorough knowledge of the coffee world. It promotes dialogue and sharing among producers, roasters, bartenders and enthusiasts. It spreads and realizes the idea of an evolved "caffetteria", which focuses attention on excellent coffee and on the changes made to prepare and enjoy it.


A love for the world of coffee that is intertwined with the history of three generations of the Dubbini family and that grows with them.


To understand what are the trends and innovations in the global market, select the excellence and interpret them according to the Diemme identity.


The attitude of openness towards partners, towards consumers and all stakeholders, which is manifested both in the reception at our premises and the premises, and in the product labels.


Which for us implies: respect for coffee, the environment in which it is cultivated and the farmers themselves. And the commitment to guarantee the high quality and reliability of the service for partners and for all coffee lovers.


The company has extended its research for quality to complementary coffee products, such as Barley and Ginseng Coffee, Sugar, DTè, a selection of infusions and herbal teas, and I Dolci, a range of biscuits and chocolate delicacies .To make the coffee experience even more engaging and to be part of an evolving market, Diemme has also developed a range of accessories for the bar area, merchandising materials and state-of-the-art technical equipment, to support the bartender’s professionalism.

We have created the Diemme Academy, the physical space that drives the transparent culture of coffee among the new generations of Ho.Re.Ca. and pastry chefs, developing a training offer that ranges from theoretical and practical coffee courses to personalized tasting courses for national and international partners. We have also created our own chain of franchising bars under the Caffè Diemme Italian Attitude brand, where we can express at the same time the passion for an advanced coffee break, the experience of welcoming the coffelover and the constant attention to good food culture.


Living coffee in all its expressions, weaving relationships with the territory, creating places of taste: with these objectives the Dubbini S.r.L. group is born, presided over by the third generation of the Dubbini family. In addition to maintaining the core business of roasting and transversal skills in the Ho.Re.Ca. sector, the group is grown up also thanks to the acquisition and participation in other companies operating not only in the cafeteria, but also in the catering sector.

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Diemme Industria Caffè Torrefatti S.p.A.: the roasting company, founded in 1927 by Romeo Dubbini, is present with its products in Italy and in over 40 foreign countries in the Ho.Re.Ca., O.C.S. (in Italy and abroad) and retail (abroad).

Diemme Immobiliare S.r.L.: company that manages the Diemme Center, where the current headquarters of the group is present. With more than 6000 square meters rented, today the center has a strategic commercial center that intertwines the life of the company with the other activities present.

L’Albero del Gusto S.r.L.: the qualified reality that coordinates the sales points, including restaurants, pizzerias and cafeterias, located in the most important shopping centers of the Veneto region.

Dxp S.r.L.: the company created for the management of the Caffè Diemme Italian Attitude brand franchise cafeterias, whose first point of sale is in Padua in Prato della Valle.

Dubbini S.R.L. it is also the owner of other premises in Veneto and Emilia-Romagna, leased to third parties, and is the majority shareholder of Dibi S. L.L., owner of four important coffee shops in Padua.