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Amsterdam here we go!

Now the time is running out .. The exhibition of Davide Cavaglieri, new Italian barista champion (Sigep 2018), is complete and ready to be shown to the judges. He and his travel companions, Matteo and Pierpaolo, are completing their last preparations before leaving for Amsterdam. The suitcases are ready, now it’s up to loading everything necessary to face the great and long-awaited race and the only thing we have to do at the moment is hope that everything goes according to plan. We all know, the wait is the most exciting moment of all: the one where you do not know what to expect but try to live it with all the positivity, removing worries and enjoying every moment in the best way.
We will take you along with Davide on his incredible journey keeping you updated on his individual goals. You always stay tuned!

In the next article will follow some rumors about the race that must remain hidden in the shadow of secrecy still for a few days.

See you in Amsterdam!

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