Artisti del Caffè


“Artisti del Caffè” is the brand with which Diemme Industria Caffè Torrefatti supports the young and enterprising protagonists of the coffee world and those who want to emerge from the crowd, making themselves known thanks to an original style, an attitude to creativity and experimentation out of the ordinary. For them, Diemme developed a range of different blends and single-origin coffees, each with a strong personality of taste and aroma. All these unique characters, enhanced through a new and dynamic image, made Artisti del Caffè arise from professionalism together with the sense of aesthetics that have always distinguished Diemme roasting.

«Style is the imprint of what one is in what one does».
René Daumal
from Letters on the Search for Awakening, 1939-41

The origin and evolution

It is in the splendid Verona, a city of culture and excellent food and wine traditions, that the “Artisti del Caffè” brand originates.

Sergio founded it, a young and passionate coffee roaster, who started his career as a café owner and who then dedicated his professional life to deepening the characteristics of coffee and the different ways of preparing and tasting it.

The encounter with Diemme

subsequently transforms his brilliant individual intuition into an opportunity for growth and expression of his style in the Ho.Re.Ca channel. The solidity of the company, present in the sector of roasted coffee since 1927, and its broad vision, given from the experience in the international field and from the direct management of public businesses, allows to renew the brand image, at the same time guaranteeing a greater productive force and the reliability of the service.


of taste and aroma, inspired by the graphic character and profile in the cup, by the major artistic currents of the modern and contemporary era, reinterpreted by the Milanese studio Bottega9. Déco, Liberty, Rococò, Naif and Pop, give life to an overview that explores various personalities and points of view, evoking artistic attitudes such as painting, sculpture, dance, cinema and music.


The decaffeinated


Strong and round blend


Intense and full-bodied blend


Soft and fruity blend


Balanced and velvety blend

Single origin Tanzania

An exotic and lively mood characterizes this single origin in grains; a variety of washed Arabica of excellent quality.

Ground coffee jar

The range is completed by a 250g ground coffee jar, ideal for extraction with the moka and therefore also designed as a proposal for the customer for domestic consumption.
Because after all, we are all a bit of Artists
- and Artificers - of the coffee we drink.