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As we near Christmas: Jingle Blend and Panettone Diemme are back

The approach of Christmas marks the return of Jingle Blend, the limited-edition blend created at the Diemme laboratory, under a new guise. All of our masters’ in-depth knowledge, art and skill go into this special product, with unique sweetness and aromas, dedicated exclusively to the Christmas period. The 100% Arabica blend chosen this year is velvety and full bodied, the fruit of the harmonious combination of two single-origins: Ethiopia Harrar Long Berry and Colombia Huila Finca Marlon, bringing to life a coffee that is harmonious in the cup, with notes of honey, brown sugar and an end note of sweet yellow flesh fruit. More than a coffee, Jingle Blend is an experience to enjoy and share: excellent as traditional espresso and exquisite with milk in a macchiato or cappuccino, where the marriage enhances the natural caramel aromas. It is also perfect to enjoy with traditional holiday sweets. Among these, Diemme’s Panettone Crema al Caffè is back: this soft leavened cake has a creamy dark chocolate and coffee filling, chocolate chips, but no raisins or candied fruit. Diemme has put into this product all the experience, curiosity, passion of almost 100 years of activity in the world of roasted coffee and serving coffee shops. And it shows, or rather, you can taste it: from the careful selection of our confectionery partner to the recipe and balance, from the creation of the special coffee blend to the simple but very attractive packaging that makes it perfect for gift giving. The coffee blends perfectly with the delectable chocolate cream, leaving a pleasant and not at all overpowering aftertaste. At breakfast, as an afternoon snack, with a nice tray of nuts and dried fruit or with a delicious glass of vin santo. Ladies and gentlemen, for your tasting pleasure, anything goes! Happy holidays to you all!