Consultancy for preparation and improvement

A team of consultants and SCA certified Coffee Trainers work with us. Their experience is available to all baristas and coffee machine operators in partner businesses.
Together, we study the type of course that is most appropriate to boost staff expertise, proposing professional courses at the Diemme Academy and made-to-measure consultancy within the outlet.
It is a service that allows us to learn, to keep updated and therefore, increase the business opportunities. The course content is agreed according to your educational goals, and can be about any aspect of the business, from preparation and service of our coffees to interior design and new marketing strategies.

Consultancy on new market trends

What is the best way to renew the range and keep quality high? Which of the latest products, equipment and services should be introduced?
These are the questions to which we want to give practical replies, tailored to the individual business realities through personalised consultancy on the developments in the market.
We make use of the experience acquired internationally to build solutions that understand and satisfy the needs of tourists and foreign guests too. We organise in-depth sessions on brewing methods other than espresso, speciality coffees, the preparation of cocktails and innovative recipes based on coffee.

Consultancy on products most suited to your business

The coffee experience is tied to the social and geographical context of the business.
Therefore, the range of coffee products must be calibrated, based on the type of consumption and a specific clientele, to gain loyalty and attract potential new coffee lovers.
Diemme accompanies professionals in this process to perfect the products offered and to find the best ways of serving them to the final consumer.

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