We create quality


We focus our efforts on careful production by importing the finest green coffees from the best selected origins. Our aim is to guarantee a constant high level of quality for our Diemme products through scrupulous manufacturing, packaging and use of the state-of-the-art technology.

We benefit from almost one hundred years of knowledge of the international raw materials market. We import only after sample approval and store the raw material in warehouses at controlled temperature and humidity. We use cutting-edge technologies for roasting and packaging.


Once the coffee beans arrive at the port after their long journey by ship, we quickly transfer them to our warehouses, where they are separated by crop and production area to avoid compromising the original organoleptic properties and to guarantee constant quality results over time.


Diemme single origins and coffee blends are our new interpretation of the world’s finest coffees: anything but ordinary, grown in harmony with the land and with great respect for those who cultivate it.

Blends are usually made using up to three different coffee origins, based on in-depth research of raw coffee beans and using different processing methods to balance the final result in the cup.


We combine modernity and technology with our long tradition and experience. We use advanced technological systems for roasting, but with the care of a craftsman. Our beans are roasted slowly and gently in compliance with precise toasting curves that are skilfully identified and monitored by our quality laboratory. Roasting cycles range from 15 to 18 minutes at a maximum temperature of 200°C to allow our coffees to best express their distinctive traits.


R&D: a place where our team of roasters spend all their time in focused cupping and tasting sessions. Their research determines the most appropriate roasting curve to bring out unique characteristics in the cup and to guarantee products that are always fresh.

After roasting, the coffee beans are left to rest for 24 to 36 hours in dedicated silos at controlled temperature and humidity. Then they are packaged in bags equipped with a valve to allow natural gases deriving from the coffee’s continuous maturation to escape, while preventing any contact with the external environment.


On every pack of coffee, we clearly highlight the origins used to compose our different blends, as well as the sensory notes, the profile in the cup and technical parameters related to the extraction methods. Transparency is our goal in both production and our relationship with consumers.

We have always worked to understand the market through our operators, responding to their needs quickly and effectively. This flexibility also allows us to transmit the quality of our traditions including through innovation: using balanced tools to differentiate our proposal. We work in a specific and customised way, offering our experience to each of our partners, always focusing on the result in the cup. It is essential for us to offer exactly what consumers expect in their cup of coffee. We want to be proactive in a timely manner.