Diemme Virtual Tour

Starting today, you can visit Diemme’s facilities from the comfort of your home or office, thanks to a 3D reproduction that opens its virtual doors to professionals and enthusiasts of the world of coffee, no matter where they are. The idea was designed to favour access to the company’s physical space even to the most remote international partners and to provide a 360° experience of the company’s philosophy of transparency and sharing of know-how. 

It is an interactive journey studded with info points where the visitor can explore the production department and the various settings of the Diemme Academy, the Ho.Re.Ca. operator training centre in which the company’s almost one-hundred-year experience takes shape through a vast learning programme and guidance aimed at the study of the product and the different methods of serving it.

The virtual tour is primarily a journey to discovering the evolution of the world of coffee and understanding how the Italian art of coffee roasting is able to combine tradition and innovation, quality and ongoing research. 

To access the Diemme Virtual Tour, go to http://tm3.co/gcN9WN or download theGoogle app.