Brewed coffee

Dolce Filtro

Packaged in 500gr aluminized bags, Caffè Diemme “Dolce Filtro” is designed primarily for all those customers with high volumes of filtered coffee with the use of filter coffee machines.

The already-ground coffee blend, packaged in a protective atmosphere, is composed of 5 different origins:

Brazil Alta Mogiana,

India Cherry Robusta,

Colombia Supremo,

India Kaapy Royale,

El Salvador High Grow.

The roasting is medium-light, the acidity almost imperceptible.

“Dolce Filtro” is characterized by a pleasant aroma of chocolate and dried fruit, with a lingering aftertaste with hints of honey.
This coffee blend’s notes are perfectly showcased if brewed with a ratio of 60 grams of powder per liter of water.