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GREAT NEWS! A purer coffee with a new selector device: the Sea Chromex

The ever-renewing production department of Diemme grows again in terms of quality and efficiency, turning out as one of the first Italian roasting companies to equip with this state-of-art device. The latest upgrade is SEA CHROMEX equipment by Cimbria, world leading company in the field of sorting machines for bulk products.

Currently featuring the most advanced electronic vision system, SEA CHROMES combines the usage of Full-Color TGB  videocameras with infrared technologies, in order to spot the slightest differences in the tones and colours of the green coffee beans.
The selecting process happens just before the coffee is stocked in the silos, basically playing the first stage in the roasting chain of the green coffee, which comes from the origin countries and arrives at the production department of Diemme.
Made to achieve even stricter criteria of research and control of the raw material, this investment aims to involve the highest technology in the detection of the smallest faults in shape and dimension, allowing to erase foreign elements, faulted or unripe beans.
The company is such a way guarantuees the safest and purest final product, adhering to the corporate attitude toward an artisanal and thorough processing, still committed to the most exigent demands in terms of quality and in-cup uniformity.