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It will soon be Christmas, a magical time of the year, and we have a new blend for you!

It’s called Winter Blend, the new limited edition created in the Diemme laboratory.

All the know-how, art and ability of our master roasters are concentrated in a special product, with a unique sweetness and aroma, dedicated exclusively to the Christmas period.


Packaged in 500gr bags, Caffè Diemme “Winter Blend” is a  sweet and fruity blend that keeps us warm through the coldest months of the year with a crescendo of warm floral notes and winter aromas.
Two prized washed Arabicas from Central/South America are paired with a natural Brazil in a unique coffee, releasing berry notes and a velvety end note of chocolate and caramel. Winter blend is delicious with milk, exalting its sweetness and offering delicious aromas of vanilla and cane sugar. 
The size of the bag is to 500g especially for the final customer,who will have the chance of purchasing the bag for a domestic use once having tasted the blend at the bar.

Rather than a coffee, Winter Blend is an experience to be savoured and shared: it is excellent as a traditional first-class espresso with milk, in macchiato and cappuccino, where the combination enhances all its natural aromas of almond and caramel. Also an ideal accompaniment to traditional Christmas sweets and cakes.

With Winter Blend it’s already Christmas!