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It will soon be Christmas, a magical time of the year, and we have a new blend for you!

It’s called Jingle Blend, the new limited edition created in the Diemme laboratory.

All the know-how, art and ability of our master roasters are concentrated in a special product, with a unique sweetness and aroma, dedicated exclusively to the Christmas period.

The 100% Arabica blend is harmonious and full-bodied in the cup, with hints of raspberry, raisins and, at the end, a pleasant after-taste of milk chocolate and caramel. These are the characteristics of the two natural coffees used in the composition: Ethiopia Asefa Dukamo is the ultimate “wild” coffee of the rainforest in the Kaffa region. It grows at an altitude of between 1545 and 1668 m and takes its nourishment from the volcanic soil; the medium/light roasting preserves its original characteristics. The other coffee used is the Brasile Alta Mogiana, from one of the most famous coffee producing regions in the world, characterized by rainy summers and dry winters and where excellent natural coffee is produced, low in acidity, naturally rounded and fruity: here again, the medium/light roasting enhances its special qualities.

Rather than a coffee, Jingle Blend is an experience to be savoured and shared: it is excellent as a traditional first-class espresso with milk, in macchiato and cappuccino, where the combination enhances all its natural aromas of almond and caramel. Also an ideal accompaniment to traditional Christmas sweets and cakes.

With Jingle Blend it’s already Christmas!