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It’s the most commonly used system in Italy for domestic coffee making. Traditionally, almost all Italian households have at least one; we’re talking about the moka pot, the filter coffee machine best loved and most widely used by the Italians.

Result in the cup: it produces a full-bodied coffee rich in aromas.

Process: the design can vary, but the operating principle remains the same: the water contained in the base is heated, the pressure of the steam at roughly 2 atmospheres pushes it upwards through the ground coffee, resulting in the classic dark beverage we all know. The pressure reached with this method is slightly higher than the atmospheric pressure, so higher temperatures can be achieved than with other coffee makers, including the Neapolitan flip coffee pot.

The origins of the moka pot: it was invented by the Italian Alfonso Bialetti in 1933 and named after the city of Mocha, in Yemen, renowned for the quality of its coffee.

How to brew coffee with the moka pot: fill the base with water, preferably hot, up to the valve, insert the metal filter and fill it with ground coffee, without compacting it into the filter. Screw the upper part of the pot tightly onto the base and place on a low-flame burner. When all the coffee has come up, turn the burner off and leave to rest for a few moments. Mix the coffee before pouring.