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New app MY COFFEE ATTITUDE. And you enter at the coffee world as a protagonist

Is everyone the architect of its own coffee? Now yes, thanks to the new application for Smartphone and Tablet My Coffee Attitude, freely available on Apple Store and Google Play. Diemme Industria Caffè Torrefatti  has taken care to deliver it directly into the hands to all of Coffee Lovers: after the first step made at Caffè Diemme ITALIAN ATTITUDE in Prato della Valle – Padova, where there is a tablet station , that is what the clients to create their own blend is calling for. So our coffee roasting of Padova, is now coming to multimedia, for iOS and Android, shops with a public fuller application version.

The aim is to reach the Coffee Lovers, wherever they are, by providing them a personal  coffee experience and – why not – funny too, by stimulating curiosity, desires to experience and to know.

My Coffee Attitude is a means with  friendly and pleasant  graphical user interface, so that the user is guided  in creating its own ideal coffee blend, by choosing different taste profiles, sensorial notes and different extraction methods, which are alternatives to the espresso coffee or the classical moka.

According to the preferences, the App will compose the original recipe, starting with four sole “ingredients”: the single origins 100% selected Arabica selected from Diemme Roasting Company and available within the store Caffè Diemme ITALIAN ATTITUDE.

An operation of gamification, that goes  beyond playful: along the path you receive useful explanations and suggestions for tasting their coffee consciously. Besides the app allows provides access  to The Coffee Blog, a small pocket “encyclopedia”, constantly updated even with and specification about coffee world.

It’s is possible to switch from the virtual experience to the real one quella reale, by visiting  closer Caffè Diemme ITALIAN ATTITUDE, in order to realize the selected recipes  and taste them at home or share them with anyone, whenever you want!