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New Caffè Diemme Optical cups: your perception of espresso will never be the same again

Can a simple cup enhance the pleasure, fun and discovery of a coffee break?

Diemme believes so, which is why for quite some time now, every years it comes out with a limited-edition series of Funny Cups decorated with creative graphics so as to break the mould of anonymity and “dress” an excellent espresso with style.

The new “Optical” Funny Cups collection is no exception, although this, unlike the other, seasonal lines, will be available all year round. Inspired by the movement of optical art, these six cups feature abstract patterns that challenge the observer’s sight, involving him in a process of perceptive experimentation.

The Optical cups are a clear example of the importance that the company places both on continuous research and on the context in which coffee is served and savoured. Every detail contributes to creating a unique consumer experience, allowing the imagination to soar and the senses to be excited.

The “Optical” line will be available as from January 2022 in bars serving the Diemme brands and from the online store.