Research and quality

The result achieved in the cup is just the last step in a long supply chain. The coffees that we entrust to the skill of the barista have been created through careful study and have undergone continual quality checks, from its cultivation to the packaging of the roasted coffee. Green coffees come from the premium production areas in America, Africa and Asia, where it is hand harvested and wet-processed. Repeated taste tests ensure that only batches with the desired profile are imported to make up the different blends. With help from the most advanced technology, we make sure the roasting is slow and non-aggressive, respecting the necessary time and care for an artisan procedure.

Training and expertise building

Second only to product quality is the training of the barista. In Diemme we believe that this too is a crucial link in the chain of each good coffee served. This is why in our team there are SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) Certified Coffee Trainers, to support all the partners that wish to acquire a deeper knowledge of the world of coffee, to stay updated and to widen the business opportunities in their sector. In addition to the courses in the classroom, our trainers provide personalised consultancy and training for baristas and their co-workers on site at their coffee-bar.

Training and expertise building

Consultancy on new trends

Professional growth must be backed by an awareness in market developments and new trends. We guide baristas on a course of discovery and specialisation on the characteristics of the coffee bar of the future, starting from the product trends and the different brewing methods, and finishing with the organisational aspects of the premises and the introduction of innovative services for the client.

Brand and marketing

For Diemme, working alongside the professional means creating a worthwhile partnership. It is a value transmitted by the brand in which we have believed and invested over time, it has become synonymous with high quality for all coffee lovers. But image is not an end in itself: at the Diemme Academy all coffee enthusiasts can try out the tasting programme that may further enhance the coffee experience enjoyed at the coffee bar.

Reliability and punctuality

Daily attention to detail is inherent in coffee bar management. Diemme operates in the same way, we roast and pack the coffee on a daily basis to guarantee freshness in the delivered blends. We keep in constant touch with our partners and rapidly manage orders and deliveries thanks to the coordination between the various company departments and a transport and distribution network that has been fine-tuned over the years.

Equipment and tools of the trade

Every professional has his own technical equipment. With this in mind, we have developed a series of tools that assist the barista daily operations, from the apron to the practical kit of professional items such as the tamping mat and tamper. We supply coffee bars with the best-performing coffee machines and tools on the market, also assisting the barista with the interior design of the coffee bar and in the attention to details useful in hospitality and customer satisfaction.

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