Research and quality

Hospitality and coffee are an inseparable combination that starts at breakfast and ends with evening relaxation. Therefore, the coffees we have created are the result of an Italian tradition that seeks quality at every stage of the supply chain, from cultivation to packaging, and also from our direct knowledge of the international market. We select green coffee in premium production zones of America, Africa and Asia. It undergoes scrupulous checks and taste tests, so we only import the batches that correspond to the desired profile and we roast it with artisan respect. Continuous research activity allows us to offer a selection of special coffees, ideal even for brewing methods alternative to espresso. Furthermore, our interest and our research in the capsule, pod and super-automatic coffee machines has been significant as they can speed up service while maintaining a high level of quality.

Training and expertise building

We also dedicate the same care to the professional growth of those who work behind the counter. The staff who prepares and serves coffee to the final customer, in our eyes, is a key player in the supply chain. Hence, we organise guided visits to the roasting plant and specialisation courses about coffee for bar personnel. These are held by Certified SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) Coffee Trainers and range from learning about the botanical varieties to the techniques of latte art and the creation of coffee based cocktails. We even assist partners with training that can take place on-site at the hospitality structure.

Consultancy on new trends

To be competitive also in hospitality to foreign guests, it is important to understand the trends in the coffee products sector, to renew and increase the offer periodically, and integrate them correctly in your hotel business. Diemme guarantees personalised consultancy, whether it is about new products, the latest methods for brewing and enjoying coffee, or even new ideas to furnish the bar.

Brand and marketing

For Diemme, starting a partnership means starting to build an opportunity for mutual growth. Therefore, we continue to invest in our brand, enhancing the image through targeted marketing strategies so that all enthusiasts of good coffee can identify with it. We add to this, moments of tasting and discovery of the coffee world at the Diemme Academy aimed at increasing awareness in the consumer about the quality of what they drink.

Reliability and punctuality

Beyond the product, there is service. As we roast coffee daily and turn orders around rapidly, we do not stock huge amounts of product in our warehouses. In this way we can always guarantee the freshness of the delivered coffee. We can rely on a wide transport and distribution network and furthermore, we maintain close contact with partner hotels thanks to area representatives who personally follow all requests.

Equipment and tools of the trade

The use of the correct technical appliances is also part of our concept of modern coffee service. Therefore, we provide a selection of the best coffee machines and equipment for the preparation of coffee to support the personnel in the bar area. We think about all the aspects linked to service and guest hospitality, from merchandising to consultancy on the arrangement of equipment and furnishings.

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