Patisseries and Ice cream shops

Research and quality

From the study of recipes and ingredients, to the preparation and finish of the details: nothing in patisserie and ice cream making can be left to chance. Diemme understands this, because a high profile coffee, that enhances a taste experience, is created exactly in the same way. Hence, starting from our history of roasting, we are the first in Italy to develop a range dedicated to Master patisserie and Ice cream chefs that result from a supply chain overseen with artisan dedication. These are coffees that come from premium production areas, to enjoy blended, as single origins or as accompaniment for a sweet break.

Training and expertise building

Daily experience, backed by specialist courses and sensory laboratories on the coffee world; this is how we imagine the professional expertise of the modern Master patisserie and ice cream chef. We organise visits to the roasting plant, courses to deepen understanding about coffee, to learn of the botanic varieties, the processing and brewing methods. We work with certified SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) trainers, who provide advice for the entire staff even on site at the establishment, as well as with top professionals in the patisserie and coffee industry.

Consultancy on new trends

Being prepared to face new trends is an important challenge to stay in the marketplace and grow your business. For this reason, we guide the patisserie and ice cream chefs who want to renew or increase the range of products offered in their establishment and improve all the aspects linked with hospitality and customer satisfaction.

Brand and marketing

An identity is a value, cultivated over the years by constructing long-lasting relationships and investing in quality. This is what we want to transmit through our brands to our partners in the patisserie and ice cream industry. We work alongside them because we feel a kinship with the spirit of research, creativity and with the techniques that characterise each artisan laboratory. We share their story and their goals, supporting them with advice to improve image and event organisation.

Reliability and punctuality

Just like patisserie and ice cream shops we are committed to offering a product that is always fresh. We roast and package coffee every day, rapidly managing orders thanks to dedicated staff within the company and communication between the various departments. Furthermore, for deliveries we can rely on a well-established network of transport and distribution.

Equipment and tools of the trade

There’s more. We have created exclusive services for the patisserie and ice cream shops that love quality coffee, these include the supply of top level equipment and made-to-order merchandising. We believe that it is only by dedicating attention to each detail of the coffee area, from the the coffee machine to interior design and the tableware, that we can amaze the customer with the unique sensation of the pastry and coffee combination.

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