Research and Quality

Serving a coffee at the restaurant to complete a convivial moment, for us, means adding a worthwhile last course, a product that becomes an experience to enjoy, remember and retell. We select the best green coffee from America, Africa and Asia, to offer a range of different blends and single origin coffees to brew using an espresso system or alternative brewing techniques. Each cup presents its refined profile; the result of a supply chain controlled from cultivation to packaging. To respect the characteristics of the coffee, we select non-aggressive roasting and processing methods, combining an artisan-made spirit with innovative technology.
Furthermore, the specific requirements of restaurant catering are met by our in-depth knowledge in capsules, pods and super automatic coffee machines. With this type of equipment the restaurateur can, in fact, have the highest quality product and save a great deal of time in service and management/care of the appliances.

Traning and expertise building

In Diemme we are positively oriented towards the training of bar area operators. The professional expertise of those who prepare and present the coffee to the final consumer is a key point in the education of a quality product and the transmission of knowledge. Hence, we organise in-depth study courses on the world of coffee, from the coffee bean to the cup. These are run by certified SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) trainers and can even be held on-site at the restaurant. Furthermore, we welcome work groups into the company, for guided visits to the roasting plant.

Consultancy on new trends

We rely on an international experience in the coffee marketplace and in the management of coffee bars to support restaurateurs in a growth process in line with new trends. Our consultancy ranges from the renewal of the products offered, to the introduction of new services and brewing appliances and finally, to the interior design and organisation of the bar area.

Brand e marketing

Our goal for partners in the restaurant sector is to make coffee an additional strength for their establishment. We do this through a studied approach, not just to coffee but also to the image linked to our brand, in which we have continually invested since 1927 to enable all coffee lovers to recognise it and choose its quality. This awareness is also constructed through the tasting programmes organised in the Diemme Academy and within the businesses of our partners.

Reliability and punctuality

The importance and reliability of service. Diemme’s relationship with the customer is based of this principle. It is a principle that we believe we share with those who manage a restaurant business every day. Therefore, we roast and package the coffee on a daily basis, to guarantee the freshness of delivered blends. The synergy that exists between the various company departments, the local representatives and the distribution network of the products allows us to respond rapidly to all requests.

Equipment and tools of the trade

Equally important is the technical equipment which allows an operator at the bar to best express up-to-date professional expertise. This is why we supply our partner coffe bars with cutting-edge coffee machines and tools. In addition, we look after the merchandising and all the useful details for product presentation and the coffee service area.

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