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Pink Summer: the taste of summer!

Pink Summer is a cream and perfect espresso drink for summer, a Diemme creation realized with Ethiopia Asefa Dukamo Farm single origin of the line Gli Speciali Diemme.
A coffee with a good taste, a velvet body and sensory notes which bring red fruit notes in marked way, just show up in this drink.

Preparation: shake 70g of strawberries with a sugar spoon, holding aside 30g that will be emulsified with 30g of cream sauce for cakes and 30 g of white yogurt, until the preparation will be mixed properly and get creamy. At this point add 10g of coconut milk, 40g of cold chocolate, previously prepared and last 50g of sugared espresso coffee Ethiopia Asefa Dukamo. Mix everything, until a silky and homogeneous cream is obtained.
Last operation: pour the blend in a cup, with the help of a spoon poor the strawberry shake, kept back, forming a thin layer up to the surface. Garnish with of fresh mint little leaves.

And now we have just to taste it in full relax!