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PURO BIO: Organic coffee and IFS certificate – Diemme’s quality upgrade

The year 2020 marks a further achievement in Diemme’s ceaseless research for quality and reliability of its brands in the International market. Specifically, Diemme has released a new certified organic coffee line just inside its internal roasting lab, and has succeeded in being recongnized the guarantuee of IFS food standard (International Food Standard), which certifies the respect of quality and safety standards in all the stages of production and transformation of the product.

Organic certification for roasted coffee beans

As a careful observer of the developments in the coffee district and a smart interpreter into a final in-cup high-profile coffee offer, Diemme today explores the organic world by releasing a new line of blended coffee, harvested and transformed by sustainable, eco-friendly and customer-caring practices.
The organic certificate provided by Diemme guarantuees the complete organic and traceability feautures of the roasted coffee, coming from eco-friendly plantations which avoid the usage of chemicals. The roasting process, from the stock to the packaging, is thus in no way altering the quality of the beans and perfectly happens in the clearest transparency.

A blend of two Central and Southern America Arabicas, grown by organic farming: Mexico Chiapas and Peru Chanchamayo.
Two washed processes, carefully roasted to enhance the aromatic profile.
The in-cup result is pleasantly sweet, recalling flavors of honey and chocolate and roasting a good body and a complex fresh-fruit acidity.
Puro Bio is available in bags of 1KG or 500g.


IFS certification
Diemme furtherly strenghtens its International presence by obtaing IFS food certification, which allows the supermarkets trade players to evaluate the reliability of their suppliers on the basis of a shared standard. The IFS achievement again shows how Diemme is committed to respect the regulations applied to the food district, such as the system of quality management, HACCP, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), GLP (Good Laboratory Practice), GHP (Good Hygiene Practice). These standards are applied to all the stages of the production of the roasted coffee, guaranteeing both the safety and the high-quality profile of the sold product.