Training and expertise building

We adore coffee and we treat it as a delicacy to be enjoyed and studied, to transmit its value to the new generation of professionals and coffee lovers.
We make it a key to business, centred around training and on the continual improvement of expertise. At the same time we satisfy the curiosity of coffee lovers, we guide them in the discovery of coffee flavours and aromas, because we believe that a search for quality takes root and spreads when it is based on culture.
At the Diemme Academy we offer theoretical and practical coffee courses on the creation of froth, latte art, in-depth study on alternative brewing methods and a specialized programme to obtain a SCA diploma. It aims at offering an all-round preparation on the world of coffee, from the bean to the cup, including all the aspects of management and promotion of the coffee bar.

Supply of equipment and tools of the trade

We offer our partners the latest technology: coffee machines, professional equipment and accessories that are beautifully designed and above all, efficient.
We look at which equipment is most suited to the needs of the business, the type of customer and volume of consumption, to make the job of baristas easier, to reduce waste and to maintain the high quality of service and result in the cup.
The supply service in fact, includes traditional and super-automatic machines for coffee beans, pods or capsules, grinder-dosers and other tools just as important as the tamping mat and tamper. Furthermore, we equip partner coffe bars with cups, glasses, napkin holders, sugar containers and all the accessories that can enhance the coffee experience.


For us, quality is a concept to be built together with the professionals in the industry.
An up-to-date, hospitable place with an inviting yet functional counter where high-profile coffee is served correctly, is for us, the result of teamwork that involves specialised people.
Each coffee bar, patisserie shop, restaurant or hotel partner can count on one of our sales representatives to offer assistance with all aspects linked to the management of the business and ways of proposing Diemme coffees and other products. Each representative makes regular visits to the business, follows orders in person and continually helps to improve the consumer experience.
Furthermore, we guarantee a technical assistance service to ensure coffee machines and other equipment are kept in top working condition.

Consultancy for preparation and improvement

What is the best way to renew the range and keep quality high? Which of the latest products, equipment and services should be introduced?
These are the questions to which we want to give practical replies, tailored to the individual business realities through personalised consultancy on the developments in the market.
We make use of the experience acquired internationally to build solutions that understand and satisfy the needs of tourists and foreign guests too. We organise in-depth sessions on brewing methods other than espresso, speciality coffees, the preparation of cocktails and innovative recipes based on coffee.

Consultancy on products most suited to your business

The coffee experience is tied to the social and geographical context of the business.
Therefore, the range of coffee products must be calibrated, based on the type of consumption and a specific clientele, to gain loyalty and attract potential new coffee lovers.
Diemme accompanies professionals in this process to perfect the products offered and to find the best ways of serving them to the final consumer.

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