Brewed coffee

Sustainability according to Caffè Diemme

We believe that there is a sustainable way to consider the world.

For us, sustainabilitymeans building strong partnerships that develop over time. It means being proud to share a family story that’s been over 90 years in the making. It means constant development over time. It means looking for materials and packaging that reduce our impact on the environment. In our world, sustainability also means developing direct relationships with farmers by actively participating in creating value for the communities involved in the coffee chain. It means supporting local projects, giving a voice to bodies and organizations that promote equity by improving the well-being of the communities near the coffee plantations, with activities having a strong social and environmental impact. It means empowering women, providing access to education, improving health care, using water resources and promoting sustainable farming practices for the future. We launched these concrete commitments to make our mark, and we are all committed for the long term.

By choosing this coffee, you support the PEAS Kamkinda school in Zambia. A well will be dug to supply water and sanitation facilities will be improved, especially for the 270 girls who attend the school.

With this coffee, you help CATHERINE CHILESHE—bread baker and mother of three in Ngoli—to buy a gas oven for her business so she can share her knowledge with other women in the village.

You support LOVENESS MULUNDU—peanut butter producer and mother of four in the village of Luobe—who, thanks to your contribution, will be able to buy a peanut butter-making machine so she can increase production and sell her peanut butter at nearby markets.

Making our mark for a better tomorrow.

We’re stronger together. Join us!