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Let’s start by asking ourselves this question: what is the identikit of a professional barista? He is someone who studies coffee, who devotes himself to obtaining the best from the coffee machine – from the choice of blend to grinding – so as to offer the perfect espresso. Last but not least, he is someone who tells the story of coffee. In this way he retains his customers, cup after cup.

Enhancing coffee in this way requires ongoing study and exercise. Behind every good brew lies a series of trials and failed attempts, but also experiments, books read, and training courses.

The artistry of coffee requires technique, practice, passion, perseverance and precision, none of which can be improvised. It means understanding the journey that coffee makes from the plantations to the cup, and the complex production and processing method that leads to the perfect espresso. In short, it means TRAINING.

The future of Italian espresso, and even more so of Italian coffee shops, needs to focus on quality, which implies training and utmost attention to the consumer.

As the last part of the chain, the barista is the link between the producer and the consumer. His, therefore, is the task of disseminating information,  of revealing and explaining the origin of the product he is serving, all the quality and work that is enclosed in that cup.

The strength of a bar is twofold, and lies in the professionalism of its staff and in communication. Those who go to the bar should come out enriched with information and emotion. With patience, humility and perseverance, the barista can train informed consumers, while of course always responding to their needs.

Becoming a PROFESSIONAL BARISTA takes an abundance of passion, alongside first-rate, targeted training.

We coffee roasters should invest in training so as to give the baristas all the necessary tools to gain adequate training and experience and the ability to enhance our products; because this trade requires professionalism, technical skills, and the ability to manage, monitor and maintain the products and equipment used to prepare a quality espresso.

We at Diemme believe this firmly, which is why we have set up an important training centre – the Diemme Academy – because we believe that training is a distinctive element, an added value for baristas and catering professionals in general, but also for distributors and the industry operators we deal with every day.

For us, training is also a time to exchange and share new ideas, projects and common goals with our business partners.

The Diemme Academy is a multifunctional space featuring meeting and research areas, in addition to the – mainly practical – training rooms dedicated to the world of espresso and of coffee brewing, cupping and roasting. A space in which all the know-how acquired day after day on the national and international scene takes shape and promotes development through training.

No one is more talented than others: we all have different talents. The secret is to discover them, believe in them, and put them into practice. Hence the need to study, keep up-to-date and improve;  the need to continue to grow, be receptive, be open to criticism, experiment, risk, be flexible, keep up with the times and reinvent oneself.

Keep up the good work everyone!