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the Diemme Winter Blend

Rediscovering the pleasure of conviviality, with a touch of originality to make them unique. This is the idea behind the Caffè Diemme limited editions for the 2021-22 winter season; this, and a tireless desire to experiment with different ways of savouring coffee, in the cup and as a precious product to be paired with first-rate ingredients and specialities.

Aromatic and enveloping, “Winter Blend” is a new, 100% Arabica seasonal blend designed to enhance the coffee break during the holiday season and the coldest months of the year. Its strong character springs from the union of three coffees of different origin: a natural Brazilian Alta Mogiana and two washed speciality Arabicas, El Salvador Las Isabellas Farm and Ethiopia Sidamo Bensa Homasho.

The result is a coffee with a fruity aroma and a lingering hint of chocolate, excellent also with milk for a crescendo of sweetness.